• Articles:

    Tax Treaties for Investment and Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study
    Allison D. Christians

    A Second Amendment Moment: The Constitutional Politics of Gun Control
    Nicholas J. Johnson

    Lightning Still Strikes: Evidence from the Popular Press That Death Sentencing Continues to Be Unconstitutionally Arbitrary More Than Three Decades After Furman
    David McCord

    Appendices A-H to Lightning Still Strikes


    Cognitive Processes Shaped by the Impulse to Blame
    Joshua Knobe

    Where Does Blaming Come From?
    Lawrence M. Solan

  • Notes:

    Congress’ Preliminary Response to the Abu Ghraib Prison Abuses: Room for Reform?
    Alison Croessmann

    Apples and Oranges and Olives? Oh my! Fellers, the Sixth Amendment, and the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine
    Jennifer Diana

    The TEACH Act’s Eligibility Requirements: Good Policy Or A Bad Compromise?
    Brendan T. Kehoe
    EPA’s Category 3 Marine Emissions Standards: Mimicking MARPOL Annex VI or Mocking the Clean Air Act?
    Sandra Y. Snyder

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