• Symposium: Crawford and Beyond: Exploring The Future Of The Confrontation Clause In Light Of Its Past

    Robert M. Pitler

    Does Crawford Provide a Stable Foundation for Confrontation Doctrine?
    Roger W. Kirst

    What Did the Framers Know, and When Did They Know It? Fictional Originalism in Crawford v. Washington
    Thomas Y. Davies

    The Too-Easy Historical Assumptions of Crawford v. Washington
    Randolph N. Jonakait

    Legal History for a Dummy: A Comment on the Role of History in Judicial Interpretation of the Confrontation Clause
    Peter Tillers

    Grappling with the Meaning of “Testimonial”
    Richard D. Friedman

    Crawford’s “Testimonial Hearsay” Category: A Plain Limit on the Protections of the Confrontation Clause
    Mark Dwyer

    Testimonial Statements under Crawford: What Makes Testimony… Testimonial?
    Brooks Holland

    Purpose as a Guide to the Interpretation of the Confrontation Clause
    Roger C. Park

    From “Reliability” to Uncertainty: Difficulties Inherent in Interpreting and Applying the New Crawford Standard
    Paul L. Shechtman

    Remember the Ladies and the Children Too: Crawford ’s Impact on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Cases
    Myrna Raeder

    Rethinking Strategies for Prosecution of Domestic Violence in the Wake of Crawford
    Laurence Busching

    Yes, Virginia, There Is a Confrontation Clause
    Tom Lininger

    Crawford ’s Impact on Hearsay Statements in Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse Cases
    Robert P. Mosteller

  • Notes:

    Sarbanes-Oxley and Small Business: Section 404 and the Case for a Small Business Exemption
    Joseph A. Castelluccio III

    Public Finance and the West Side Stadium: The Future of Stadium Subsidies in New York
    Gregory W. Fox

    A Classless Act: The Ninth Circuit’s Erroneous Class Certification in Dukes v. Wal-Mart, Inc
    Aaron B. Lauchheimer

    Please Don’t Tell My Parents: The Validity of School Policies Mandating Parental Notification of a Student’s Pregnancy
    Melissa Prober

    Between the Hockey Rink and the Voting Booth: The ADA and Abrogation of Sovereign Immunity in the Educational Context
    Camille L. Zentner

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