• Symposium: Cognitive Legal Studies: Categorization and Imagination in the Mind of Law

    A Conference in Celebration of the Publication of Steven L. Winter's Book, A Clearing in the Forest: Law, Life, and Mind

    Lawrence M. Solan

    Law Incarnate
    Mark Johnson

    Relative Constraint and Public Reason: What is “The Work We Expect of Law”?
    Frank I. Michelman

    Changing the Subject: Cognitive Theory and the Teaching of Law
    Jeremy Paul

    The Subject and Object of Law
    Lawrence Joseph

    Governing Through Crime Metaphors
    Jonathan Simon

    “We Must be Hunters of Meaning”: Race, Metaphor, and the Models of Steven Winter
    D. Marvin Jones

    Freedom and Constraint in Adjudication: A Look Through the Lens of Cognitive Psychology
    Dan Simon

    What it Really Means to Say “Law is Politics”: Political History and Legal Argument in Bush v. Gore
    Peter Gabel

    When Self-Governance is a Game
    Steven L. Winter

    Gary Minda

  • Note:

    ERISA Preemption of State Tort Law Claims Against Managed Care Entities
    John W. Schuch


    Sea Hunt, Inc. v. The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel or Vessels: How the Fourth Circuit Rocked the Boat
    Kevin Berean

    An Attempt to Pick Up the Fallen Bricks of the Wall Separating Church and State After Santa Fe v. Doe
    Ross Schmierer

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