Current Issue: Volume 65, Issue 2

  • The Second Circuit Review: 1998-99 Term


    How an Expanding Caseload Impacts Federal Appellate Procedures
    Hon. Richard J. Cardamone


    The Critical Importance of Proving Market Impact in Sherman Act Antitrust Cases: A Review of the Second Circuit's Recent Antitrust Decisions
    David S. Copeland

    Municipal Home Rule in New York: Tobacco Control at the Local Level
    Laura D. Hermer

    The Recognition of a Qualified Privilege for Non-Confidential Journalistic Materials: Good Intentions, Bad Law
    Christopher J. Clark

    Evaluating Emotional Distress Damage Awards to Promote Settlement of Employment Discrimination Claims in the Second Circuit
    Michelle Cucuzza

  • Essay:

    Dispelling Suspicions as to the Existence of the Self-Evaluative Privilege
    Hon. Arlene R. Lindsay
    Lisa C. Solbakken

    Notes and Comments:

    Jewish Prisoners and Their First Amendment Right to a Kosher Meal: An Examination of the Relationship Between Prison Dietary Policy and Correctional Goals

    Southworth v. Grebe: The Conservative Utilization of "Negative" First Amendment Rights to Attack Diversity of Thought at Public Universities

    Breaking Up is Hard to Do: A Look at Brazen v. Bell Atlantic and the Controversy over Termination Fees in Mergers and Acquisitions

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