• Articles:

    Public Engagement in Rulemaking: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s New Approach
    Patricia McCoy

    Accountability and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
    Susan Block-Lieb

    The Complaint Conundrum: Thoughts on the CFPB’s Complaint Mechanism
    Katherine Porter

    Form and Substance in Consumer Financial Protection
    Jean Braucher

    Consumer Protection Out of the Shadows of Shadow Banking: The Role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    David Reiss

  • Notes:

    A Lie is a Lie: The Need to Define Section 1692e of the FDCPA
    William KeAupuni Akina

    Employers are Not Friends with Facebook: How the NLRB is Protecting Employees’ Social Media Activity
    David L. Bayer

    Fashion Frustrated: Why the Innovative Design Protection Act is a Necessary Step in the Right Direction, But Not Quite Enough
    Casey E. Callahan

    Ecolabel Programs and Green Consumerism: Preserving a Hybrid Approach
    Megan S. Houston

    MERS and the Mortgage Crisis: Obfuscating Loan Ownership and the Need for Clarity
    Laura A. Steven

    Accountability in a Smoke-Filled Room: The Inadequacy of Self Regulation Within the Internet Behavioral Advertising Industry
    Julia Zukina

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