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    Laws, Sausages, and Bailouts: Testing the Populist View of the Causes of the Economic Crisis
    J. Scott Colesanti
    Lessons Learned from CSX Corp. v. Children's Investment Fund Management and Proposals for Reform
    Sean M. Donahue 

    Unregulable: Why Derivatives May Never Be Regulated
    Alireza M. Gharagozlou

  • Notes:

    If It’s Broken, Sometimes It Can’t Be Fixed: Why the Auction Rate Securities Market Was Faulty from Its Inception and how Broker-Dealers Caused Its Downfall
    Brendan P. Tracy 

    Capping Auditor Liability: Unsuitable Fiscal Policy in Our Current Financial Crisis
    Stephanie M. Spell 

    Road Closed: The Inequitable Treatment of Pre-Closing Products Liability Claimants Under the Auto Industry Bailout
    Robert Marko

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