• Articles:

    Staying Public: Institutional Investors in U.S. Capital Markets
    Alan R. Palmiter

    Why the SEC Failed: Regulators Against Regulation 
    Norman S. Poser 
    Board Reforms with a Japanese Twist: Viewing the Japanese Board of Directors with a Delaware Lens 
    Carlo Osi 
    Legal Aspects of the Commodity and Financial Futures Market in China 
    Sanzhu Zhu 

  • Notes:

    Delaware to the Rescue: A Proper Exercise of Deference by the SEC and the Future Implications of CA, Inc. v. AFSCME
    Joseph Antignani

    Friend or Foe of the U.S. Labor Market: Why Congress Should Raise or Eliminate the H-1B Visa Cap 
    Courtney L. Cromwell 
    How Should Sovereign Wealth Funds Be Regulated? 
    Zhao Feng 
    Are You Sirius? The Mistake of Conditioning Approval of the Sirius-XM Merger on a Price Cap 
    Samuel J. Gordon 

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