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Since its creation in 1999, the Center has held several interdisciplinary conferences and symposia, bringing leading scholars and specialists from around the world to Brooklyn Law School. To read the proceedings of many of these conferences and symposia, click on the links below.

The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Persuasion and Writing Strategies
Journal of Law & Policy, Volume 22, #1 (2013)

Author Attribution Workshop
Journal of Law & Policy, Volume 21, #2 (2013)

Statutory Interpretation: How Much Work Does Language Do?
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 76, #3 (2011)

Is Morality Universal, and Should the Law Care?
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 75, #2 (2009)

A Cross-Disciplinary Look at Scientific Truth: What's the Law to Do? The Uneasy Relationship Between Science and Law (View Video)
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 73, #3 (2008)

Corporate Misbehavior by Elite Decision-Makers Symposium: Perspectives from Law and Social Psychology
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 70, #4 (2005)

3 Perspectives on Criminal Justice
Journal of Law & Policy, Volume 13, #1 (2005)

Creating and Interpreting Law in a Multilingual Environment
Brooklyn Journal of International Law, Volume 29, #3 (2004)

Responsibility and Blame: Psychological and Legal Perspectives
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 68, #4 (2003)

Cognitive Legal Studies: Categorization and Imagination in the Mind of the Law
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 67, #4 (2002)

The Jury in the Twenty-First Century
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 66, #4 (2001)

Cognitive Bases of Gender Bias
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 65, # 4 (1999)

Causation, Mental Models, and the Law
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 65 #1 (1999)

View video of the Symposium: The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Persuasion and Writing Strategies.

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