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The Center for the Study of Law, Language and Cognition Steering Committee, under the leadership of the Center Director Lawrence M. Solan, is an outstanding group of faculty who have expertise and a special interest in the study of language, linguistics, and cognitive theory and their relationship to the law. For more detailed information about each of the faculty, click on a name.

Lawrence M. Solan, Professor of Law; and Director and Steering Committee Chair of the Center for the Study of Law, Language and Cognition
Professor Solan writes extensively about ways in which advances in linguistics and psychology can contribute to such legal issues as the jury system, statutory interpretation, contract law and evidence.

Elizabeth Fajans, Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Professor Fajans is the Law School’s writing specialist. Her book, Writing and Analysis in the Law, now in its fifth edition, is the most widely used first-year legal writing text for law students.

James Fanto, Professor of Law
Professor Fanto has written about language and investor education, and about psychological perspectives on mergers and corporate governance.

Susan Herman, Professor of Law
Professor Herman writes about and teaches courses on the jury system, and on law and literature.

Adam Kolber, Professor of Law 
Professor Kolber writes and teaches in the areas of criminal law, health law, bioethics, and neuroethics. He has taught law and neuroscience topics to federal and state judges as part of a MacArthur Foundation grant and has been frequently quoted in the media.

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