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The Trade Secrets Institute (TSI) provides timely in-depth coverage of legal and business issues and critical analysis of decisions, legislation, and regulatory initiatives related to each case. Users can search the information by trade secrets issue, trade secrets subject matter, document type, or jurisdiction. The institute also provides access to state trade secrets statutes and related federal laws, and some of the seminal decisions on trade secrets law among many U.S. jurisdictions.

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Working Knowledge: Managing Employee Trade Secrets (CLE program)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Brooklyn Law School
Subotnick Center
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY

About the Symposium
Protecting intellectual assets and human capital are critical in the information economy. The role of noncompete and trade secret law has never been more central—or more challenging. Please join us for a two-part discussion of trade secrets in the context of employment. Experts from government and private practice will examine employee mobility and noncompete agreements as well as data security, insider hacking, and social media.
Panel I: Noncompete Agreements: Reactions and Reform
Noncompete law has reached a tipping point. As noncompete agreements have spread to low-wage and professional employment alike, states and the federal government have begun to push back. State Attorneys General have intervened to contest the fairness of restrictions on employee mobility, while legislatures have moved toward reform and the White House has issued a “call to action.” This panel will consider the changing practice and policy of noncompetes today.
Panel II: Trusted Colleagues or Enemies Within? Employees and Trade Secrets
Managing information in the hands of employees is one of the central challenges faced by firms. Data vulnerabilities can arise from unintentional employee behavior (via phishing attacks) or through deliberate insider hacking. Whistleblower protections and employee social media complicate knowledge management even further. This panel will discuss how organizations can protect and enforce their interests in information.

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