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Brooklyn Law School - CUBE E-Sports Panel

Rachel Gu, Associate Editor, ESPN eSports, at CUBE Panel and Networking Event: Phenomenon of E-Sports


CUBE Panel: Emerging Role of Attorneys in Product Development

Thursday, September 27

About the Discussion
A panel of expert practitioners will explore how attorneys across industries such as tech and consumer goods are becoming critical to their companies’ product development process. Counseling on issues spanning privacy, security, IP, consumer protection, and regulatory law, these attorneys must balance mitigating risk while helping their clients bring products to market efficiently. Panelists will discuss how they have been able to add value for their clients, embedding themselves with business and technical teams to foster innovation and business goals while simultaneously navigating a global minefield of evolving and uncertain law and policy.

Moderated by Andrew Rausa ’13, Senior Product & Privacy Counsel, Facebook

Rachel Vargo, Corporate Counsel at Ultimate Software
Andy Roth, Partner, Cooley LLP
Farah Zaman ’13, Senior Global Data Privacy Counsel at Colgate-Palmolive
Anna Rudawski ’13, Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright

Sponsored by the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE)


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Brooklyn Law School - CUBE

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