CUBE: Fellowship Experience

CUBE: The Fellowship Experience

CUBE is a home for the next generation of pioneers in business, media, energy, technology, the creative arts, and social enterprise. CUBE fellows participate in a variety of ways.

The intial CUBE fellows are the winners of the annual CUBE Innovators Competition which is designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by enabling students to present proposals addressing legal issues to a panel of judges. Student winners/fellows receive seed money to jumpstart their proposals and faculty mentoring throughout the year following the competition. Fellows write reports about legal, business and/or organizational issues  at the end of the fellowship year to give the benefit of their experience to future competition participants and potentially to CUBE clinic clients. 

Post-graduate fellows are chosen each year to conduct research on selected policy issues. 

CUBE real estate fellows also assist on research and writing for the REFinBlog

Brooklyn Law School - CUBE

Getting Legal Assistance from CUBE

  • Brief advice clinics for small business owners and start-ups
    Feb. 26, 2015 from 6–8PM
    NYC Business Solutions Center
    9 Bond Street, 5th Floor
    CONTACT: Chantal Lawrence
    Account Manager

  • Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic
    Representation, workshops and policy efforts for:
    Tech-oriented, internet-based and other startups and entrepreneurs
    Request assistance from BLIP
  • Other CUBE-related clinics or 718-780-7994
    Representation, workshops and policy efforts for:
    • Community Development Clinic
      Not-for-profit organizations and community-based groups
    • Urban Economic Development Clinic
      Worker cooperatives, women and immigrant entrepreneurs as well as other start-ups
    • Corporate and Real Estate Clinic
      Low-income housing cooperatives and affordable housing groups
  • Getting Involved in CUBE or contact
    John Rudikoff
    CEO and Managing Director

    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201