CUBE: Education

CUBE brings together practitioners, entrepreneurs, students, academics, public officials, and policymakers to address challenges of entrepreneurship from both legal and non-legal perspectives.
The curriculum addresses the legal needs and goals of new businesses by building knowledge and expertise about the laws that govern them:

  • Foundational courses provide an understanding of fundamental legal knowledge and concepts, focused on entrepreneurship
  • In-house clinics and other skills-focused courses allow hands-on training supervised by experienced attorneys, in tasks important for lawyers who represent entrepreneurs
  • Industry-specific courses, workshops, panels, symposia, and other activities promote substantive knowledge and skills training for burgeoning entrepreneurial attorneys
Brooklyn Law School - CUBE

Getting Legal Assistance from CUBE

  • Brief advice clinics for small business owners and start-ups
    Feb. 26, 2015 from 6–8PM
    NYC Business Solutions Center
    9 Bond Street, 5th Floor
    CONTACT: Chantal Lawrence
    Account Manager

  • Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic
    Representation, workshops and policy efforts for:
    Tech-oriented, internet-based and other startups and entrepreneurs
    Request assistance from BLIP
  • Other CUBE-related clinics or 718-780-7994
    Representation, workshops and policy efforts for:
    • Community Development Clinic
      Not-for-profit organizations and community-based groups
    • Urban Economic Development Clinic
      Worker cooperatives, women and immigrant entrepreneurs as well as other start-ups
    • Corporate and Real Estate Clinic
      Low-income housing cooperatives and affordable housing groups
  • Getting Involved in CUBE or contact
    John Rudikoff
    CEO and Managing Director

    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201