Jonathan Askin

Professor of Clinical Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 780-0622 |  Email  | CV  | Twitter
Areas of Expertise

Internet Law
Telecommunications Law

A.B., Harvard University
J.D., Rutgers Law School

Clinic - Advanced Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP)

This is an advanced level of the BLIP Clinic.

Enrollment Notes:

Enrollment is restricted to students who have already completed one semester in the BLIP Clinic and Seminar. No seminar component is required. Students may elect to take the advanced clinic for 2 or 3 credits.

Clinic - Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy

Required: Corporations is a prerequisite for taking BLIP (except for students interested in working with the Patent Team). For students interested in working with the Patent Team, a course in patent law is required.


Copyright, Trademark, or other Intellectual Property classes The BLIP Clinic is a full-service practice that represents startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Students work with clients to guide them through corporate and transactional matters; intellectual property protection (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets); technology and data privacy issues; and policy, digital rights, open source, and other advocacy projects. Students interact and strategize with members of the entrepreneurial, technology, and financial communities, as well as with legislators, regulators, and other policymakers. Many clients are accepted based on the extent to which the client's issues implicate Internet or digital economy issues of first impression or issues that require creative legal representation. (The Clinic endeavors not to presuppose that one client or policy position is more worthy of representation than another client or policy, as long as it may reasonably be argued that the client or policy would help realize the promise of an Internet-enabled, digital world.) Clients come from a broad range of sectors, including education, health and wellness, music, art, fashion, and food and beverage, in addition to all manner of technology and ecommerce. Students will be well served to have background either through course work or practical experience in some of the following areas: corporations, intellectual property (trademark, copyright, or patent), telecommunications, Internet, administrative, and/or tax law. The clinic includes a 2-credit seminar with weekly discussions on the current and evolving state of law, policy, technology, and business.

Enrollment Notes:

The clinic enrolls students each semester. Some students will be able to enroll in the Advanced BLIP Clinic for a second semester.

Telecommunications Law

This course analyzes the law related to the major industries regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (broadcasting, cable, television, radio, telephone, and other data transmission.) The course will include discussion of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which rewrote national policy about competition and regulation in all of the major communications technologies and the way jurisdiction to regulate communications markets is shared between the federal and state governments.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Letter grade with pass/fail option. Final exam. With permission of the instructor, a number of students may write a paper that satisfies the UCWR in lieu of the final exam.