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Areas of Expertise

Legal History

Ph.D. Cambridge University

Legal History Blog: Beauchamp on the Nineteenth Century Patent Litigation Explosion


Professor Christopher Beauchamp’s Yale Law Journal article was posted on the Social Science Research Network.

Professor Christopher Beauchamp Selected for Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum


A paper by Professors Christopher Beauchamp was selected for the prestigious Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum, held at Harvard Law School on June 16-17.

Professor Christopher Beauchamp’s Book Earns Positives Reviews from Boston Review


Professor Christopher Beauchamp’s book, “Invented by Law: Alexander Graham Bell and the Patent That Changed America,” was the subject of a recent Boston Review article, How Patent Law Created Inventors.

Professor Christopher Beauchamp Discusses His New Book on Texas Public Radio


Professor Christopher Beauchamp, whose new book Invented By Law hit stores in October, was a guest on Texas Public Radio’s weekly call-in show The Source. Professor Beauchamp spoke about his book, patent laws in general, and answered questions from listeners. Invented By Law examines how Alexander Graham Bell and his lawyers drove out competitors through an unprecedented crusade using the U.S. patent system.

New Book by Professor Christopher Beauchamp Examines Bell's Fight for the Telephone Patent

Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876 stands as one of the great touchstones of American technological achievement. Bringing a new perspective to this history, Invented by Law (Harvard University Press 2014), a new book by Professor Christopher Beauchamp, examines the legal battles that raged over Bell’s telephone patent, likely the most consequential patent right ever granted.