Dana Brakman Reiser

Vice Dean and Professor of Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Areas of Expertise
Non-Profit Organizations
Corporate Law
B.A., University of Pennsylvania
J.D., Harvard Law School

Professor Dana Brakman Reiser Comments on the Intersection of Business and Social Causes

11/14/2013 Professor Dana Brakman Reiser recently commented on the struggles of the growing intersection of business and social causes in Chicago Grid. "Profit-seeking and social mission can go together and be mutually reinforcing, but that won’t always be the case. Consistently, they’re going to face choices between pursuing of their social mission and more profit," she said.  Read More

Professor Dana Brakman Reiser Comments on Benefit Corporations in the Wall Street Journal

This week, Delaware passed legislation providing for the creation of “benefit corporations,” which require board directors to balance social mission with the bottom line. In advance of the news, Professor Dana Brakman Reiser spoke to the Wall Street Journal about such companies.
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Professors Claire Kelly and Dana Brakman Reiser's "Governing Civil Society: NGO Accountability, Legitimacy and Influence" Symposium Mentioned in Opinio Juris


International law and relations blog "Opinio Juris" praised the "Governing Civil Society: NGO Accountability, Legitimacy and Influence," organized by Professors Claire Kelly and Dana Brakman Reiser. Kenneth Anderson, also a panelist at the event, blogged about the importance of exploring the infrequently discussed intersection of international law and nonprofit law.

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Professor Dana Brakman-Reiser Named Outstanding Young Lawyer


Professor Dana Brakman-Reiser has received an Outstanding Young Lawyer Award from the Nonprofit Corporations Committee of the ABA Business Law Section in recognition of her work at the vanguard of research in the emerging field of nonprofit law. Her research and writing focus on nonprofit governance, specifically on issues of responsibility and accountability.

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