Real Estate in Motion


Real Estate in Motion

With its familiar yet ever-changing skyline, New York City is 305 square miles of evolving real estate. It is the power center of the world’s foremost real estate developers, construction companies, and financiers. For Law School students considering a future, or a thorough foundation, in real estate law, Brooklyn Law School offers the ultimate learning environment.

Our location enables our students to become immersed in every aspect of the field, and our curriculum blends real estate theory with practice. Key elements of our program include our clinics that provide legal representation to surrounding Brooklyn community organizations and represent low income co-op boards. For students with a real estate career in mind, we offer a Certificate in Real Estate Law, and joint degrees in urban planning policy or regional planning. Our exclusive partnerships with law firms, real estate developers, and construction companies in the New York metropolitan area provides the added benefit of valuable internships.

Faculty members bring a passion to the program that excites our students. As scholars they are writing about predatory lending practices and the problems posed by such government-sponsored enterprises as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while their commentary, on key Supreme Court property cases, are cited by jurists and other academics. As distinguished practitioners and government policymakers, they are dealing with an ever-shifting landscape and litigating issues that impact a wide sector of the population.

Involvement in highly active student organizations such as the Environmental Law Society and the Brooklyn Real Estate Society expose students to different areas of real estate practice and introduces them to real estate leaders who maintain close ties with the Law School community. Ultimately, the firsthand experience and connections to the private and public worlds of real estate practice students acquire are the springboard from which careers are launched.