A World Wide Reach

A World Wide Reach

New York City is the world center of business and finance, media, and the arts. It is also a hub of human rights organizations and home to the United Nations. Our central location, at the core of this global activity, affords our students a unique opportunity to study international law directly at the source.

Our curriculum focuses on two main areas of specialty, either alone or in combination: public international law and private transactions. We excel in both of these areas. Our Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, now in its third decade, is an invaluable resource for the entire community. Our international fellowship programs place students in organizations and businesses in the United States and abroad, and offer students unique work experience. We also offer a Certificate in International Law for students who want a competitive edge in the field.

Bringing their extensive experience to the classroom, our faculty is comprised of scholars, policy makers, and practitioners who have contributed to the field of international law in a range of different capacities. For example, Professor Neil Cohen has had a pivotal role for over a decade in major domestic and international law reform projects involving commercial transactions. Professor Maryellen Fullerton, an expert in asylum and refugee law, has been a consultant to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and a Reporter for Human Rights Watch.

Beyond the classroom, there are countless opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of international law through events sponsored by our centers of excellence and the International Law Society and other active student organizations. Our student-edited journal, the Brooklyn Journal of International Law, and several study-abroad opportunities offer additional means for intellectual engagement.

Moreover, our deep connections to the organizations, law firms, and multinational corporations that surround us, and a significant community of alumni who are established practitioners in international law, create dynamic possibilities for students interested in the field.