World Perspectives

World Perspectives

The international law curriculum offers a comprehensive blend of policy, transactions, dispute resolution, and compliance. Students can choose from an array of approximately 30 courses and seminars to broaden and deepen their knowledge of international law. Our Certificate in International Law offers an extensive course of study, leading to expertise in the area.

At an advanced level, students can narrow their studies to a more specific area of interest, in international business, trade, and finance law, or international human rights, litigation, intellectual property, and the law of war. The opportunity for dialogue between faculty and students intensifies in these advanced courses.

Seminars cover highly specialized areas, such as Comparative Constitutional Law, which compares European countries to the United States on a variety of constitutional issues. The course is co-taught by Judge David Trager, the former Dean of Brooklyn Law School who is now a United States District Court Judge, and Professor Amos Shapira, a scholar from Tel Aviv University. Another seminar, Comparative and International Financial Regulation, focuses on a comparison of approaches in different countries to the regulation of financial institutions, such as banks, broker-dealers, and insurance companies.

There is no substitute for hands on experience and our program provides many opportunities to work with clients, drafts documents, and appear in court. The Law School’s Safe Harbor Clinic, now in its fifteenth year, provides students with experience in immigration, from domestic violence issues to those facing U.S. permanent residents. Students may argue cases before the U.S. Immigration Court or before administrative hearing officers.

Our externship program is renowned for the sheer volume of placements that we offer students.  Some recent examples include the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, U.S. Immigration Court, the Court of International Trade, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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