Business by Immersion


Business by Immersion

The creation of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law (IBL Center) over two decades ago has been instrumental in driving the Law School to a leadership position. As a vital resource for students, scholars, and practitioners for the study of international financial regulation, the IBL Center is also host to a full program of brownbag luncheons, breakfast round-tables, forums, and major symposia. The central component of the IBL Center is its Fellowship Program which provides an outstanding experience for qualified students who are interested in pursuing a career in international business law. The fellows have unique access to leading scholars and practitioners engaged in discussions on topical business issues, and they are closely mentored by our faculty. As part of the program, the fellows are also awarded a scholarship to complete a summer fellowship at leading businesses, government agencies, and top law firms.

The Barry L. Zaretsky Round-table series is another opportunity for students interested in business law to learn from a panel of distinguished practitioners, judges and academics. The yearly panel discussion focuses on cutting edge bankruptcy and commercial law topics. In addition, the Barry L. Zaretsky Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Fellowship provides a stipend to an upper-class student who has demonstrated the highest level of academic achievement in the fields of bankruptcy or commercial law. The bi-annual Abraham L. Pomerantz Lecture draws leading scholars to discuss corporate securities law and related issues of professional responsibility.

Student-Run Journals and Organizations
Two of our four highly-regarded law journals are committed to publishing scholarly works on business law topics and provide a unique opportunity for intellectual engagement. The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law publishes articles on many issues, including securities and bankruptcy law. The Brooklyn Journal of International Law, now in its third decade, is one of the top-ranked international journals in the nation, featuring articles on public and private international law from experts in the field. Both journals sponsor symposia that give students an opportunity to participate in a high level of discourse on business law.

Student organizations such as the Bankruptcy Society, the Corporate and Securities Law Association, the International Law Society, and the Tax Law Association, are active groups engaged in sponsoring lectures and panel discussions, hosting a roster of distinguished speakers, and promoting communication between law students and legal professionals in a variety of specialized fields.