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    11.10.11 National Jurist Ranks BLS Among Top Law Schools for Externships

    The National Jurist ranked Brooklyn Law School seventh in the nation among law schools that offer externships. The magazine, which praised the school for its 713 externship placements, stressed the value of externship experience as part of a well-rounded legal curriculum. “Externships have expanded in recent years, as schools strive to teach more real-life skills, and students seek the experience that employers desire,” wrote the Jurist. “They expose attorneys-in-training to actual casework. They create mentoring opportunities. Most importantly, they give students a chance to ‘try on’ their profession and even test out potential employers before committing to a practice area or full-time job.”

    Brooklyn Law School’s externship program places students in a variety of real-world settings. An integral component of the upperclass curriculum, the externship program takes full advantage of the Law School’s ideal location, extending the campus to every state and federal courthouse and hundreds of government agencies, law offices, and business organizations throughout New York City.

    For instance, in the Advanced Condominium and Cooperative Externship, students work at the Real Estate Finance Bureau of the New York State Department of Law under Assistant Attorneys General. For the Civil Practice Externship, students select placements from an array of civil practice areas: Arts and Entertainment; Client Centered/ Individual Responsibility; Corporate Counsel; Government Litigation and Counsel; and Investors, Securities and Market Regulation, and work under the supervision of an attorney in practice. Students in the Criminal Practice Externship can chose between prosecution and defense placements. They conduct research on issues related to criminal law, procedure and evidence, assist in drafting motions and memoranda of law, participate in case investigations and witness preparation, and generally observe motions, hearings, trials and other court proceedings.

    “Externships are invaluable for our students’ legal training and for their careers,” said Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Michael Cahill. “By offering hands-on training and helping students build professional relationships, externships provide the perfect complement to classroom education.”

    Learn more about the Law School’s externships.