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    11.08.11 Brooklyn Named the “Coolest City on the Planet”

    Located at the intersection of Brooklyn Heights’ beautiful historic district, the Brooklyn Civic Center, and downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Law School has long been at the heart of a distinctive legal, cultural, social, and visually stunning neighborhood, and is one that draws visitors from around the world.

    Our leafy hamlet of Brooklyn Heights was recently named by Travel & Leisure as the second most beautiful neighborhood in the country, edging out favorites like the storied Garden District of New Orleans (#3) and Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural haven of Oak Park in Chicago (#8). Travel & Leisure pointed to the generations of literati (Thomas Wolfe, Walt Whitman, Truman Capote) that have flocked to Brooklyn Heights, in addition to the more than 600 houses built before the Civil War. Brooklyn Heights, it said, surpasses “better-known areas in Philadelphia and D.C. Visitors’ most memorable snapshots of the Manhattan skyline are taken from its sunset-soaking waterfront esplanade.”

    GQ followed up with an outright love letter to our borough entitled, “Brooklyn is the Coolest City on the Planet,” a multi-page guide to our indie-driven mecca, noting that the borough has become a thriving incubator for both food and fashion. “For the first time since, well, ever, you can spend every New York minute of your trip on the far side of the East River and never feel like you're missing out,” the magazine declared. The article included noteworthy Cobble Hill boutiques like Smith & Butler, Epaulet, and The Brooklyn Circus, buzzworthy restaurants such as Mile End, Frankie’s, Prime Meats, Char No. 4, and Seersucker, and cocktail bars like Henry Public, Fort Defiance, and Weather Up, all just a short stroll from the Law School.