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    10.14.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on "Occupy Wall Street" and the "What If?" Generation in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Professor Jonathan Askin discusses how the "Occupy Wall Street" protests spreading across the nation is an accurate reflection of the digital age. He argues that the generation of young people who have grown up crowd-sourcing information and creating alternate universes online are now taking those tools to reshape broken systems in real life.

    Calling protesters the "What If?" Generation, Professor Askin explains they "can reimagine society by asking an array of hypothetical questions, exploring divergent policy initiatives, and extrapolating possible outcomes." He pushes those older and less accustomed to a digital perspective to seriously consider this new paradigm. He concludes: "When we are asked "What if...?" in a political discourse, our response should no longer be "Yeah but..." We should follow the What If Generation's lead asking "Why not?" and trying to make it so."

    Read the full article.