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    08.18.11 Brooklyn Law School Welcomes New Class at Annual Convocation Ceremony

    On August 15, 2011, Brooklyn Law School warmly welcomed the entering Classes of 2014-15 at its annual Convocation ceremony. Interim Dean Michael Gerber encouraged the new class, saying, “your law school training will enrich you with the extraordinary potential not only to do well, but to do good, and to make a life, as well as a living, as you influence the course of private lives and public affairs.”

    Professor Claire Kelly ’93 emcee’d the event, offering words of wisdom and humor, and made a point of stating that the Law School was “enthralled with the extraordinary blend of students who have converged from many different paths to arrive at one singular point.”

    Indeed, the entering class represents a student body as varied in their background as they are in their experience. It is comprised of nearly 400 students who were selected from over 6,000 applicants. Students come from 27 countries and 27 states and speak 18 languages.

    Included among them is a molecular genetics technician, a local TV show host, a White House records analyst, a gemologist, a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps who most recently served in Afghanistan, and a 2009 Jeopardy College Championship semi-finalist. Others include professionals who have worked for companies including Bloomberg, Apple, Simon & Schuster, Citi Group, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. Many have worked as legal interns, researchers, and paralegals at some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms and government agencies.

    Leslie Miller ’13, who gave the student address, said, “You are embarking on an incredible journey and you can turn law school into any journey you want.” She emphasized that the law builds community and provides students with newfound abilities.

    Professor Steven Dean offered inspiring words: “You, the lawyers we train, will be the ones who will have to solve the problems that we haven’t. The skills you will learn at Brooklyn Law School will be the tools you will use to create less risky financial products, tame the deficit, address global warming, and protect human rights.”

    After the ceremony, students were welcomed with a reception where they had an opportunity to meet one another as well as faculty members and Law School administrators.

    The Office of Student Affairs, led by Dean Beryl Jones-Woodin, has put together a terrific array of orientation activities that will enable students to meet the faculty and Deans at informal Teas throughout the first few weeks of school, get oriented to their neighborhood, and meet their fellow students. Having fun will also be incorporated into the schedule. Students will enjoy walking tours, ice cream tastings, boat tours, brunches and social mixers. Finally, students at the Students Organization Fair will introduce incoming class members to the over 40 organizations in which they can become involved and participate in the life of the Law School.