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    06.11.11 Former Head of Ticketmaster Fredric D. Rosen '69 Profiled by The New York Times
    Alumni in the News

    Former head of Ticketmaster, Fredric D. Rosen '69 was profiled by The New York Times for his newest business venture--cutting out sports and concert event middlemen, such as Ticketmaster. The Times explores Rosen's career at Ticketmaster, where his idea in the 1980s to add fees to each ticket sale and then give a cut of the profits to the venue turned the company into an $18 billion giant. After leaving in 1998 and moving through several companies, Rosen and his powerful partners are now pushing Outbox, which looks to revitalize ticketing through new technology and pricing tickets, parking, and food as a package. He considers the Ticketmaster format outdated, saying, "Did I really think the model that I created 30 years ago would last for 30 years? Nothing lasts for 30 years."

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