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    06.09.11 Professor Jonathan Askin's Huffington Post Op-Ed Discusses the Possible Effects of Too Much Media v. Hale
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin's recent op-ed in the Huffington Post explored the possible aftermath of Too Much Media v. Hale. In the case, the New Jersey Supreme Court stated that content on online message boards was not journalism and therefore was not entitled to protection under the New Jersey Shield Law. Professor Askin disagreed with the decision and hypothesized that it would stifle new media and discourage new media companies from settling in the state. He said, "As media evolves and becomes more collaborative, interactive, user-generated, ‘crowd-sourced’ and mutable in real time, however, news media entities might look increasingly more like loosely-curated assemblages of user-generated comments on online message board. It shouldn't really matter where a journalist posts comments -- all that should matter is the intent of the commenter to expect protection as a journalist."

    Read the full article.

    Read Professor Askin's piece on Too Much Media v. Hale in the New Jersey Law Journal.