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    05.26.11 Professor Stacy Caplow Calls for New Lawyers to Assist Poor Immigrants in National Law Journal Op-ed
    Stacy Caplow

    In "What about an Immig-Corps?", an op-ed published in the National Law Journal, Professor Stacy Caplow discusses the dearth of lawyers for immigrants facing deportation. Referring to a recent study, she points out that detained immigrants who cannot afford counsel have little to no chance of avoiding deportation, while those who manage to raise enough money are often represented by inexperienced or predatory lawyers. Meanwhile, recent law school graduates are hesitant to practice immigration law because the pay is low and there are few jobs available to them. Professor Caplow suggests a model similar to AmeriCorps and Teach for America. She imagines "a structured program for these energetic law graduates to provide legal services to poor, unrepresented immigrants while developing skills and knowledge to improve the level of competency of the immigration bar for the long haul."

    Read the full op-ed.