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    05.18.11 David Shapiro ’12 Awarded Equal Justice America Fellowship for Second Consecutive Year
    David Shapiro

    For the second time in his Law School career, David A. Shapiro ’12 has been awarded an Equal Justice America fellowship. Shapiro, who is also a Sparer Fellow, will use both fellowships to fund his summer position at the Center for Children's Law and Policy, a public interest law and policy organization focused on reform of the juvenile justice system and other systems that affect troubled and at-risk children, and protection of the rights of children in those systems.

    Shapiro is no stranger to multiple honors. Last year, he received a Brooklyn Law Students for the Public Interest (BLSPI) Fellowship, an Equal Justice America Fellowship, and a Bergstrom Child Welfare Law Summer Fellowship, which collectively funded his summer externship at the Juvenile Rights Practice of the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn and a three-day children’s law seminar in Ann Arbor.

    Shapiro has long been passionate about a career in civil advocacy, and he explained that he has always loved working with young people. “I am always learning from children, and I like being their advocate. The law gives me an avenue to do a lot in the way of change for children, and in terms of building a solid intellectual framework for justice,” he said. Shapiro said he is particularly looking forward to his position at the Center for Children’s Law and Policy, where he will be working on policy issues relating to reforms and new programming in the juvenile detention system. “Down the road, I see myself working for the Department of Juvenile Justice, and I’d like to learn how to implement policies and how to make sure the system is fair,” he said.

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