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    05.16.11 Ted Anastasiou '12 Nominated President of the National Democratic Law Students Council
    Ted Anastasiou

    Ted Anastasiou ’12 was recently elected president of the National Democratic Law Students Council (NDLSC), the umbrella organization for Democratic law students in the United States and the official law student arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Its membership consists of over 1,500 law students at more than 85 ABA-accredited law schools.

    Anastasiou first became active in politics in high school, where he interned for Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ). After graduating from college, Anastasiou worked on a variety of political campaigns, including President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in New Jersey and Ohio and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign in New York.

    While in Law School, Anastasiou has served as president of the BLS Democrats, chair of the New York Democratic Law Student Council and co-chair of the Law School Outreach Committee of the New York Democratic Lawyers Council. He is also a member of the Independent Neighborhood Democrats in Brooklyn’s 52nd Assembly District and of GAPnet, a Greek-American progressive organization.

    In addition to Anastasiou, four other law students from around the nation were chosen to comprise the NDLSC during the 2011 National Convention in Washington, D.C.

    The NDLSC supports Democratic law school chapters in their efforts to encourage students to take an active role in Democratic politics and advance Democratic ideals. The board hopes to found new chapters and expand membership, conduct legal research on election reform issues, and coordinate the placement of law students to work on Democratic campaigns including the upcoming 2012 presidential election.