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    04.28.11 Brooklyn Law School Students Vote for “The Best of BLS”
    Frederic Bloom

    Students recently voted for the “Best of BLS,” in an internal poll to celebrate their peers, faculty, and administrators of the Law School. The students voted for “the best” professor, administrator, student leader, student group, and staff member.

    Professor of the Year
    For the second year in a row, Professor Fred Bloom won this recognition from students. Professor Bloom teaches civil procedure, evidence and federal courts. His scholarship addresses procedural issues and modern federal courts. He has published articles in the Stanford Law Review, the Cornell Law Review and Washington University Law Review. His commitment to his students begins with memorizing their names, over 130 of them, and the personal attention that he offers to his students.

    Administrator of the Year
    Interim Dean Michael Gerber’s area of expertise is bankruptcy law. In addition to teaching, he has taken on the reigns of the deanship this past year, working with faculty, staff, administrators and students during the leadership transition of the Law School. His gentle nature and wry sense of humor bodes well for the range of duties that befall a dean on a day-to-day basis.

    Student Leader of the Year
    Judith Soto ’11, President of the Student Bar Association, is known for her involvement in pro-bono projects, a range of student organization commitments, leadership issues addressed by the SBA, and her commitment to academic excellence. The SBA had an impressive year, holding over 45 events over the course of the year.

    Best Student Group of the Year
    BLSPI, Brooklyn Law Students for the Public Interest, one of the largest student organization, is committed to supporting students interested in serving the public good through a variety of public interest projects and fundraising efforts. BLSPI’s recent auction raised over $45,000 for students chosen as BLSPI fellows.

    Staff Member of the Year
    Carlos Escoto is the beloved security guard at Feil Hall who knows his residents and is well known for his friendliness and professionalism. His connection with the students and his efforts to remember each student’s name fosters a sense of community in the Feil Hall Residence.