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    03.28.11 Professor Jane Yakowitz Referenced in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
    Jane Yakowitz

    In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, L. Gordon Crovitz discusses the disparity between the government’s efforts to protect online data privacy and the public’s low levels of concern for it. In a society where more than half of Americans have Facebook accounts, Crovitz explains that the public is more than willing to share private data in exchange for beneficial information. He cites an example Professor Jane Yakowitz’s article, “Tragedy of the Data Commons,” in which spikes in Google searches for certain illnesses allow scientists to study demographics and minimize the number of people who get sick. She states in her paper: “Google Flu Trends exemplifies why it is not possible to come to an objective, prospective agreement on when data collection is sufficiently in the public’s interest and when it is not.”