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    03.18.11 Fourth Annual Jeopardy Competition is a Fun-Spirited Event for Students and Faculty Alike

    On Wednesday, March 2, Brooklyn Law School held its Fourth Annual JEOPARDY tournament sponsored by BLSPI, and as usual, the participants and crowd enjoyed the fun-spirited tournament.

    The enthusiastic organizer Professor Robert Pitler modeled the competition after the television game show Jeopardy. Instead of the host Alex, the Law School’s friendly Reference Librarian and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law Harold O’Grady moderated the competition. With a full-size game board, jeopardy, double jeopardy and final jeopardy daily doubles games were played in the traditional form, but the questions and answers focused on legal themes. The categories were numerous, ranging from Civil Procedure to Lawyers in Song, Organized Crime Cinema, Military Justice Movies, Which or Who Came First, Grisham’s Law, U.S. Solicitors General, International Law, The Tax Collector, 21st Century Immigration Movies, and many more.

    In a thrilling final round that was decided on the final jeopardy question, the 2011 Jeopardy Champions were Professor Neil B. Cohen and Kristie Lasalle’ 12 who defeated Professor Derek Bambauer and Anita Aboagye-Agyeman’ 11. Professor Stacy Caplow and Samuel Lewis’11 finished third.

    Previous champions have included: the team of Professor Minor Myers and Jordan Elsas ’08, Professor Myers reclaimed the championship, with Jigjang Liu ’10, and the team of Professor Derek Bambauer and Valery Federici ‘10.