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    02.11.11 Professor James Fanto Discusses the SEC's "Study on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers"
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto was interviewed yesterday by Reuters, Wealth Manager Channel, Advisor One, Insurance Networking News and other outlets about the SEC’s “Study on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers,” (The Fiduciary Study) and the SEC’s "Study on Enhancing Investment Adviser Examinations” (the SRO Study). When asked about the implications of a uniform fiduciary standard, he said, “The SEC clearly has a disclosure mandate now," said James Fanto, a panelist and professor at the Brooklyn Law School. "I also say this whole episode should be more than a regulator arbitrage. From one perspective, it's a turf war between advisors and brokers. What it should be about, really, is putting clients first," he added. "[Financial advisors and brokers] are there to give investors advice and not use them as a profit center."

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