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    02.11.11 Safe Harbor Victory for Bangladesh Refugee: Asylum in the U.S.
    image of flyer

    The Safe Harbor Clinic is proud to announce that one of its clients, a political activist from Bangladesh who had been kidnapped, beaten and threatened with death unless he ceased his political activities, was granted asylum in February 2011. He escaped from Bangladesh only to embark on a perilous journey that took two months before arriving in the U.S. The students on the case, Adam Fleming ‘12, Mitchell Laird ‘11, and Maryann Tharappel ‘11, worked on snow days in an otherwise deserted One Boerum Place, from their family’s homes in Texas and upstate New York and from internet cafes in Costa Rica, to prepare the case. They wrote a compelling personal statement, a hard-driving legal memo, gathered evidence from Bangladesh, and compiled a mountainous amount of material about the situation in that country. Bulban Salim ‘13, ably translated from Bengali, becoming a member of the team.

    There is no such thing as an “easy” asylum case and these students can be proud of their persistent endeavors that resulted in such a successful outcome.