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    02.01.11 Brooklyn Law Review Author is Awarded Acclaimed Sutherland Prize
    image of Brooklyn Law Review

    The Brooklyn Law School is proud to announce that the Sutherland Prize was awarded to Professor Emily Kadens for her article, “The Puzzle of Judicial Education: The Case of Chief Justice William de Grey,” 75 Brooklyn Law Review 143 (2009).

    The Sutherland Prize, named in honor of the late Donald W. Sutherland, a distinguished historian of the law of medieval England and a mentor of many students, is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Sutherland Prize Committee, to the person or persons who wrote the best article on English legal history published in the previous year. The Committee for the 2009 prize consisted of Professor James Oldham, Georgetown Law Center (chair); Professor John Beattie, University of Toronto; and Professor Jonathan Rose, Arizona State Law School.

    In her article, Professor Kadens presents a convincing analysis of how a little-known judge, William de Grey, equipped himself to perform his office. De Grey was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in January 1771, a position he held for ten years. Having had little experience in Common Pleas during his years in practice, de Grey promptly began to buy reference books. Using de Grey’s accounts, held by the Norfolk Record Office, Professor Kadens reconstructs de Grey’s book purchases and shows how he used his expanding library to shape the first stage of his judicial education.

    Andrei Takhteyev, the Law Review’s former Editor in Chief, said, “What attracted me to the article was the uniqueness of its subject and the thoroughness of the historic and forensic research the author had done, its beautiful flow, and the fact that it seemed very current in spirit in spite of its historical bent. The Law Review was faced with the unique challenge of verifying and cite-checking a multitude of 18th century English handwritten manuscripts and rare books, which the author was able to ship to us from England.”

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