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    01.22.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses .Jobs Online Network with The Huffington Post
    Jonathan Askin

    The new online job network that uses the suffix ".jobs" is creating controversy among more established job recruiting sites. The network will allow users to search for employment opportunities by simply typing a location or profession before the new domain suffix. While older job sites are complaining that this new system will wipe away their business, Professor Jonathan Askin argues that it is only the field naturally moving in an as-of-yet unexplored direction. "It strikes me as rather disingenuous of the online job recruitment sites to cry foul over the creative destruction caused by broader applications of the .jobs domain," he said. "These very same online job recruitment sites were the former disruptors themselves, and the great beneficiaries of the Internet domain name land grab. They were all for disrupting the traditional models of job recruitment companies ten years ago."

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