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    12.03.10 Safe Harbor Clinic Helps Tibetan Client Gain Asylum
    image of flyer

    After an almost two-year stretch, a Safe Harbor client from Tibet was granted asylum. The client had been imprisoned, badly beaten, and tortured for pro-Dalai Lama activities. On the eve of another arrest in January 2008, he escaped with his wife and children by walking through the Himalayan mountains to safety. In fall 2008, clinic students Katharine Bodde '09, JoAnn Ponce '10, and Katie Nicolais '09 compiled an impressive amount of evidence but, for reasons that remain unknown, the claim was referred to Immigration Court. Finally, almost two years later, Meghan O’Malley '11 conducted a polished direct exam of the clinic's client and in just over an hour persuaded the judge that he deserved asylum. Former Safe Harbor students joined in the courtroom. Katharine Bodde '09 remained committed to her client and took time from her job to prepare a closing argument for the hearing.

    The client looks forward to reuniting with his wife and children. This case again demonstrates the commitment and perseverance of BLS students to their clients.