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    10.08.10 Professor David Reiss Sought After News Commentator on Residential Mortgage Market and Housing Policy
    David Reiss

    Brooklyn Law School Professor David Reiss is the founding director of the Community Development Clinic, which represents community-based organizations, cultural institutions, affordable housing providers, and small businesses that serve underrepresented communities.

    His forthcoming article in the Brooklyn Journal of International Law, “First Principles for an Effective Federal Housing Policy,” offers goals and suggestions for a new federal housing policy.

    Reiss, a sought-after scholar and frequent news commentator on the residential mortgage market, predatory lending, and housing policy has recently commented in:

    ABC News,, and on the national foreclosure crisis
    Bloomberg News and Reuters: on credit rating agencies
    Governing Magazine: on Fannie, Freddie and the Future of Housing
    American Banker, Distressed Assets Investor Magazine and Insurance Network News: on Dodd-Frank Reform
    New York Daily News and Slate: on land use issues

    Learn More about David Reiss.

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