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    10.04.10 BLS Students Recognized for Participation in New York City Bar Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Mentor Program
    Amy Jen and Dong-Joo Lee

    Dong-Joo Lee '12 and Amy Jen '11

    Brooklyn Law Students Amy Jen ‘11, Nicole Phillips ‘12, and Dong-Joo Lee ‘12, were recognized by the New York City Bar Association for their involvement with its Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Mentor Program.

    “The Brooklyn Law School mentors have been engaged, committed mentors, leading by example to their mentees and to the participants of the program. They have volunteered at events as well as utilized the opportunities that the program has made available to them through the City Bar. We are delighted to work with BLS students,” said Gabrielle Brown, Director of Student Legal Education and Opportunity Program (SLEOP) for the New York City Bar Association.

    The Thurgood Marshall Mentor Program places high school students with legal employers for the summer. The high school students participate in weekly development programs, a mock trial before a federal judge and multiple career development workshops with a diverse group of attorneys. Once the high school students graduate from the program, they are matched with law school students to mentor them. Each mentor provides academic advising, assistance with honing professional and networking skills. They seek to enable the former Thurgood Marshall interns to continue gaining exposure to the legal world through law school tours and classroom visits.

    Amy Jen ’11 currently mentors a college sophomore and a recent college graduate. She says of her experience, “Anyone interested in pursuing a career in law needs a strong support system and SLEOP mentors provide inner city students with such resources.” She credits her professors and attorneys during her internships as helping her through her transition to law school and encouraging her to assist others. “Their generosity really inspired me reach out to my mentees by directing them to resources that work to help them in preparing for law school and their legal careers beyond,” she added.

    Dong-Joo Lee ’12 said, “It is truly a privilege to be able to give guidance to someone who is so eager and interested in possibly pursuing a career in law. I try to share my personal experiences and the steps that I took to get to Brooklyn Law School.” Lee expanded his network through the New York City Bar Association while mentoring his student. “This program is not only great for the mentees, but a great opportunity for law school mentor-volunteers as well to meet others in the legal arena. I was able to meet other law students, corporate attorneys, professors, and prosecutors.

    “The experience has been great,” Nicole Phillips ‘12 said. “I tried to make myself available to discuss anything while trying to keep my mentee focused on studying for the LSAT. On occasion we would meet and one time she sat in on my Constitutional Law class. I’ve recently been assigned a second mentee.”

    The Law School began its partnership with the New York City Bar’s SLEOP program last year.