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    08.24.10 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Comments on Swanson v. Citibank in BNA Law Week
    Elizabeth Schneider

    In a recent decision, a majority of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit sided with the plaintiff in the case of Swanson v. Citibank, saying that the plaintiff’s complaint concerning a Fair Housing Act claim was sufficient and reversing the District Court judge who had dismissed the plaintiff’s case. The suit revisits issues of pleading standards in federal civil cases that arose from Ashcroft v. Iqbal and Bell Atl. Corp. v. Twombly, two Supreme Court decisions from 2007 and 2009. In its coverage of the Swanson case, BNA Law Week spoke to Professor Elizabeth Schneider, an expert in civil procedure and civil rights. She called it “a fascinating decision which is emblematic of current judicial efforts to grapple with the unstable state of federal pleading standards in light of Twombly and Iqbal.”

    Read the full article, which is reproduced with permission from The United States Law Week, 79 USLW 1218 (Aug. 24, 2010). Copyright 2010 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.