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    07.29.10 The Los Angeles Daily News Publishes Professor Ressler's Editorial on Civil Contempt Confinement Policies
    Jayne Ressler

    An article by Professor Jayne Ressler was featured in the Los Angeles Daily News concerning suspicious civil contempt confinement policies. She cites the case of Richard Fine, an attorney who has been imprisoned for nearly sixteen months under contempt of court and "moral turpitude." In her call for reform, Professor Ressler addresses the lack of a time limits for civil contempt incarceration and the exploitation of judicial power. She points out the disregard for Fine’s civil liberties as protected by the Constitution: “Under the current system, a rapist, arsonist or drug dealer is often better represented, is given better due process under the law, and could perhaps be released from jail sooner than Fine.”

    Read the full article.