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    06.28.10 Brooklyn Law School to Host 7th Prawfsfest! July 6-7, 2010

    Brooklyn Law School will host the 7th Prawfsfest! faculty workshop from July 6-7, 2010. The event gathers a small group of rising legal scholars in their fields who discuss works in progress. The subject matter of the works in progress span a wide variety of public law and legal theory topics.

    Professor Dan Markel of the Florida State University College of Law originated the conference, which is being co-hosted at Brooklyn by Professors Michael Cahill and Miriam Baer.

    Markel and former University of Miami School of Law Associate Professor Stephen Vladeck organized the inaugural Prawfsfest! Since then, conferences have been held at a number of law schools across the country. An intense, two-day workshop, Prawfsfest! has proved to be very productive; many of the articles incubated at Prawfsfest! have gone on to appear in top law reviews and peer-reviewed journals.

    Participants in the conference include: Bill Araiza, Brooklyn Law School; Miriam Baer, Brooklyn Law School; Marc Blitz, Oklahoma City University School of Law; Michael Cahill, Brooklyn Law School; Katy Kuh, Hofstra University School of Law; Hillel Levin, University of Georgia School of Law; Matt Lister, University of Pennsylvania Law School (Sharswood Fellow); Chris Lund, Wayne State University Law School; Dan Markel, Florida State University College of Law; Giovanna Shay, Western New England College School of Law; Howard Wasserman, Florida International University College of Law; and Verity Winship, University of Illinois College of Law.

    Founded in 1901, Brooklyn Law School has created a vibrant intellectual community that cultivates teaching excellence, cutting-edge scholarship and practical legal experience to a diverse student body. With a broad and innovative curriculum, Brooklyn Law School successfully prepares students for a wide range of careers in private practice and public service.