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    06.16.10 Professor Marsha Garrison on No-Fault Divorce in the New York Times
    Marsha Garrison

    On June 15, the New York State Senate approved a bill that would allow divorces to be filed without naming which party is at fault, making New York one of the last states to implement a no-fault divorce system. Although some critics say it may raise the divorce rate, many attorneys welcome the new law. The current procedure, which requires concrete grounds for the divorce, often forces lawyers to wrench contrived explanations out of their clients, when the simple reason may be that they no longer like each other—a reason that does not currently stand in court. Professor Marsha Garrison, an expert on family law, agrees that the new law will eliminate the white lies common in trying to establish fault. She told The New York Times, “We want people to respect the law, not to engage in that kind of scamming.”

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