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    05.18.10 New York Times Pronounces Downtown Brooklyn “Mainstream Chic”
    downtown brooklyn

    Over the last decade, Downtown Brooklyn has taken on a well-publicized life as the place to be. Artisan gourmet shops, indie boutiques, and chef-driven restaurants have helped build this borough from its plucky days as the once-home to the Dodgers, to a thriving Mecca of bohemian chic. The New York Times went one step further, proclaiming that Brooklyn Law School’s backyard is set for yet another transformation, writing, “Brooklyn, the new bastion of cool for many New Yorkers, is poised to go mainstream chic.”

    The Times pegged the change from funky to fashionable to the announcement that the Co-op, Barneys New York’s younger, more accessible line, will open a 10,465 square foot space in Cobble Hill this March. The move is the first one from a luxury retailer like Barneys and is attributed to a perfect storm of factors: a bounce back in retail sales, an increase in consumer demand, and lower rents relative to Manhattan. The announcement that a Barneys Brooklyn is not far off has also inspired other high-end retailers--Swarovski Crystal and Anthropologie among them--to establish locations in the neighborhood. Another icon of fashion, H&M, will open close to the Law School.

    For Brooklyn Law School, which has been firmly rooted in the Downtown neighborhood for over 100 years, this sort of evolution is nothing new. But it’s certainly been a boon to law students who have recently benefited from the borough’s undeniable super culinary status. In-the-know gourmands have long flocked to Brooklyn for the most creative cuisine, particularly of the locavore variety. Today’s most talked about restaurants—hot spots like Roberta’s, Fatty ‘Cue, Franny’s, Henry Public, Char No. 4, and Mile End (coincidentally opened by a BLS student)—are all in Brooklyn.

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