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    05.10.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Speaks about Losses from May 6 Stock Market Freefall on CNBC
    Roberta Karmel

    The stock market dropped nearly a thousand points on May 6, bringing the worth of many stable companies down to pennies, only to rebound within the next hour. Although the strange event, whose cause remains unknown, is encouraging new rules for the market, investors who sold their temporarily depressed shares will likely keep those losses. Professor Roberta Karmel, who is also a former SEC commissioner, told CNBC, “I’m not sure there is any recourse—certainly not right now, because no one seems to know what the problem was. If you have a position in a solid, mainstream company like Proctor & Gamble, and all of a sudden because of program trading the stock sinks, it’s not an appropriate risk.”

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