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    03.22.10 Brooklyn Law School Celebrates New Study Abroad Programs in Cork and Hong Kong

    University College Cork

    Beijing, Bologna, Hamburg, and Colchester are already among the impressive international destinations BLS students can call home for a semester or summer. Now, two new programs, one at University College Cork (UCC) and one at Hong Kong University (HKU), offer an exciting chance for students to study abroad for a semester in additional renowned legal programs.

    Our exchange of students with the University College Cork in Ireland kicks off in the 2010-2011 academic year. Surrounded by Cork’s natural beauty, UCC was founded in 1845. The law faculty is the largest department, providing a dynamic research and teaching environment. Located on the picturesque south coast, approximately 160 miles southwest of Dublin, Cork is a cosmopolitan city, the second largest in Ireland. Students will be able to choose from many courses covering Irish, European and international law.

    In Hong Kong, students will benefit from a range of courses that focus on Chinese commercial law, human rights law, and international corporate and financial law. The Faculty of Law at HKU, located on the northwest side of the island of Hong Kong, was the first law school in Hong Kong and is now the premier law school in the region. Beyond the classroom, the island of Hong Kong offers a mix of cosmopolitan culture and natural beauty and acts as a bustling portal to the rest of eastern Asia.

    “We are delighted to add these two universities to our student exchange program,” said Lawrence Solan, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

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