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    03.05.10 Law School Reports Over 20% of Class of 2009 Hired by the Nation's Top 250 Firms
    Brooklyn Law School

    Brooklyn Law School graduates are consistently recruited by the top law firms in the nation. Of our graduating Class of 2009, over 20% were hired as first-year associates by the nation’s top law firms. However, a recent issue of the National Law Journal, and its website, which highlighted law schools with the highest percentage of graduates hired by NLJ top 250 firms, omitted Brooklyn Law School from its “Go-To-School” rankings.

    According to the data that we report to the National Association for Law Placement, as of September 1, 2009, 102 members of the Brooklyn Law School Class of 2009, or 20.4%, had been hired as first-year associates by the nation’s top law firms. This means that Brooklyn Law School should have been ranked among the top 50 law schools. This is more consistent with a 2008 Leiter study that ranked Brooklyn Law School fourth in New York City for the number of graduates hired as new lawyers by 15 of the nation’s super elite law firms.

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