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    03.03.10 Memories of an Exemplary Life: Eve Cary
    Eve Cary

    On February 18th, a memorial service organized by Professors Ursula Bentele, Betsy Fajans, Mollie Falk, Linda Feldman, Elizabeth Schneider, Marilyn Walter, and Carrie Teitcher, was held to celebrate the life of Eve Cary, a beloved colleague, teacher, and friend who lost a brave battle with cancer this September.

    View the video of the service.

    A group of faculty, students, friends, and family gathered in the Moot Court Room for a series of loving and moving eulogies by her colleagues including Dean Joan G. Wexler, Professor Elizabeth Schneider (her classmate from NYU Law School), Professor Mollie Falk (her classmate from both Sarah Lawrence and NYU Law School, and a colleague from Legal Aid), and Professor William Hellerstein (who first hired her at Legal Aid).

    While the professors spoke eloquently about Eve’s scholarship, sense of humor, kindness, and unconquerable spirit, her two former students, Matt Keller ’05, now a legal writing instructor at the Law School thanks to Cary’s encouragement, and Sarah White ’11, spoke with incredible reverence for a teacher who became a mentor, friend, and life inspiration.

    Richard Greenberg, Cary’s husband, offered the personal words of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was general counsel for the ACLU, and knew Cary well from her many dedicated years at the NYCLU. Ginsburg wrote of Cary’s incomparable gifts as a legal advocate, singling out a specific brief which Cary wrote and passionately argued before the New York Court of Appeals:

    “To this day,” she wrote, “I preserve among my favorite briefs one she filed in the New York Court of Appeals early in 1973 in a case captioned Sontag v. Bronstein, 33 N.Y. 2d 197 (decided 11/15/1973).  Eve lived to see great changes in women’s chances, and she was an active participant in making them happen. She did so, as she did all else in her lawyering and teaching careers—without fanfare, but with unrelenting persistence, and something more of surpassing importance.” She continued, “I count it my great good fortune to have known Eve Cary as co-worker, from days when we were rather young.  She was taken from our midst far too soon.  But her wit and wisdom, her brave and bright spirit will continue to uplift and encourage the legions whose lives she touched. Justice Ginsburg’s remarks were read by Kathleen Peratis, a mutual friend of Justice Ginsburg and Cary’s. Read more of Justice Ginsburg remarks.

    The memory of Cary will be preserved by The Eve Cary Legal Writing Scholarship, a scholarship established by family, friends, and members of the BLS community in memory of Professor Eve Cary, whose love of good writing, and knowledge about how to achieve it, inspired her students for nearly a quarter of a century.  It is to be awarded to a student who demonstrates exceptional interest and achievement in legal writing. To contribute to Cary’s memory in this way, please make an online donation.