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    01.31.10 Professor Gerald Shargel in The Daily Beast on Terror Trials
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel posted an article "Stop Dithering, Holder" on the blog The Daily Beast, where he is a frequent contributor. In his editorial, he opines on the ongoing discussion of where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist allegedly behind the September 11 attacks, will be tried. For some time, the trial was said to be held in Manhattan, however this location is no longer on the table. Current alternatives include federal prisons in the New York City area and have many critics who say that this is a violation of the Sixth Amendment, which guarantees a public trial. In the Daily Beast, Professor Shargel questions whether this case should even be in civilian court and controversially suggests a trial at Guantanamo Bay.

    Professor Shargel is Brooklyn Law School's Practitioner-in-Residence. This spring, he is teaching Criminal Law: Current Events.

    Read the full article in the Daily Beast.

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