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    01.25.10 Professor Adam Kolber Referenced in New York Times Editorial
    Adam Kolber
    Professor Adam Kolber was quoted in a New York Times editorial on the potential legal repercussions of a baby with more than two parents. Recent scientific breakthroughs have resulted in the birth of baby monkeys with one father and two mothers, in which defective DNA from one mother's egg is replaced with DNA from the second mother. Professor Kolber has called this unusual experiment "fractional parents." The editorial asks questions of parenthood should the science become legal for humans: Will it one day be possible for a child to have 100 parents? Would a child born abroad with DNA from American citizens claim American citizenship?

    Professor Adam Kolber was a Visiting Professor Law from the University of San Diego School of Law in the fall of 2008 and will join Brooklyn Law School as a full-time faculty member in fall 2010.

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